Student Research Assistants

Nearly every semester, we offer undergraduates the opportunity to get involved in our research. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in learning about human factors and aging research. By obtaining “hands on” research experience in our lab, undergraduate assistants often find ways to apply what they have learned in the classroom to the real world. For those thinking about attending graduate school, research experience is often an invaluable consideration for your personal evaluation of whether you like research and to support your graduate school application.

Undergraduate lab assistants may sign up for two different courses: 2699 (1st and 2nd year students) and 4699 (3rd and 4th year students). We encourage students to register for 2 – 4 hours (1 credit hour equals 3 hours of work per week). For your initial semester in the lab, we will assign you to primarily work with one graduate student to support their individual research. You can get an idea of current projects on our projects page and of graduate student interests on the people page. We also encourage dedicated students to work with us over multiple semesters, and if they are interested, we often have senior thesis projects available (you may come up with your own research ideas or work off of an existing project).

Your letter grade will depend on successfully completing your hourly requirements and your dependability and willingness to work on projects.

For more information about getting involved in our research, please contact Sean McGlynn by e-mail or call him at (404) 894-8344.